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Biodiesel is a clean-burning, renewable alternative fuel created from vegetable oils, animal fats, and greases through a chemical process.
It produces lower emissions, and its natural cleaning agents and lubricants improve engine performance while reducing maintenance costs. It can be used in any diesel engine with no modifications. 

The advantages of our Biodiesel:.
(1)Non-benzenoid and Nonaromatic-ring, Non-toxic, Biodegradation traits;
(2)Recycling, alleviating the dependence on the fossil-diesel oils;
(3)Burning more efficiently in the gas engine. Emission of particulates, carbon monoxide and  nitrogen oxides has been obviously reduced.
(4)Advanced Engine Performance: Increases longevity and overall health of your engine.
(5)Cleaner & Environmentally Sound: Improves local air quality; reduced tail pipe emissions compared to regular diesel.
(6)Higher cetane number, improving the ignition and lubricate ability, which brings higher engine efficiency and the  endurance.
(7)Flash point of biodiesel is much higher than the fossil-diesel's, which has the very good preservation and transportation security.