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Anhui Tianyi environmental protection exhibition of China International Plastics and rubber industry
Anhui Tianyi Environmental Protection   2020-12-14 15:07:42 Author:SystemMaster Source:
In May 16th, the thirty-first session of the Chinese International Exhibition on plastics and rubber industries carried out successfully in Guangzhou, the exhibition will focus on "intelligent manufacturing, new materials, environmental science and technology" three hot spots, all-round display of new technologies, new products, new materials, plastics processing and management solutions for the rubber industry, and more than 3300 from Chinese and convergence overseas exhibitors, attracted Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other 13 countries and regions of the pavilion.

As the domestic environmental protection plasticizer industry leader, I Division in the exhibition on display at the full range of bio based environmental protection environmental protection plasticizer products and showcase the latest R & D plasticizer products, attracted a large number of customers stopped to watch.

The company participated in the exhibition to expand their horizons, open ideas, advanced learning, communication and cooperation, make full use of this exhibition opportunity, and come to visit customers and dealers to communicate, communicate, negotiate, further expand the company's visibility and influence in the same industry, but also to further understand the same product characteristics, in order to better improve the product structure, to play their own advantages, maintain in the industry's leading technology.

The exhibition site, the company personnel in detail for every guest unriddling, together with the customer is discussed by environmental characteristics, plastic products for the advantages and future development of plasticizer industry trend, the majority of exhibitors.