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The mountaineering competition is held in our company
Anhui Tianyi Environmental Protection   2023-03-02 19:36:28 Author:SystemMaster Source:
To enrich the cultural life of employees, promote exchanges and communication between employees, create a positive, unity, progressive work atmosphere, in December 8th, the company organized a climbing competition open up a fresh outlook.

Location of this activity in Chaohu County, and is divided into men's and women's groups, each with one or two, third-prize and encouraged to award a number.

At 9:30 a.m., the mountaineering competition officially began. Although it is already in the winter, but all the contestants full of spirit, not afraid of cold, some even wearing a vest, did not win the first place complete type.

As soon as he started climbing, in the women's competition Supplies Department staff Yin Li humane, champion, quickly became a leader in the women's group, and relying on the height of the legs of the natural advantage, will keep the leading position to the top of the hill, a women's group arrived first hand selected end point.

Although men later climb, but most men still use strong advantage, quickly catch up and overtake the women's group of players. In the bio diesel workshop, Cao Chuanhao became the first player to reach the top by the absolute advantage, and other young players such as Yang Ping and Sun Chen also reached the summit. It is particularly worth mentioning that, in the bio diesel workshop Liu Changjun, can be described as the old cow (Liu) volt, the peak, not inferior to the young people, and finally to sixth good results will be three prize into the arms.

"When the mountain is extremely high, the list of small mountains."." This event is broaden their vision, exercise staff physique, training staff of perseverance, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to participate in collective activities, further mobilize the enthusiasm of employees concerned about the collective, love the collective, enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force.